Creating a Timesheet

To begin, click Create on the Timesheet menu. If the create option is not visible you may need to submit to our client's timesheet portal please check with your client relationship manager for confirmation.

You will then be prompted to select the Placement you wish to enter times for in the drop-down on the left hand side (shown in Red), as well as the Week Ending Date on the right (shown in Blue). You can use the provided calendar popup to help you select the correct date.

You will now be presented with a blank timesheet form similar to the screenshot above.

The Basic rate is selected by default here, you enter days worked in the decimal column, 1 for one day. The total pay is calculated automatically for the timesheet based on your rate.

If applicable you can add additional rates by clicking the blue plus symbol to the left of the relevant day and select the appropriate item from the rate drop-down. The previously entered times will then move further down the screen allowing for more times to be entered in the Time Entry area.

When you are satisfied, click Save and Submit. This will lock the timesheet and send it to your line manager for approval. If you are not finished with the timesheet but want to save your progress click Save as Draft. This will save the timesheet into your Drafts area where you can still make changes to the timesheet.

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