Navigating InTime

The navigation menus of InTime are located across the top of the page, starting with the Home menu item on the left. Be aware that the list of items in the menu bar may vary depending on the requirements of your placement.

The Menus allow you to access the various parts of InTime. The menu options include the following:

  • Timesheets - provides access to create new timesheets, view draft and previously submitted timesheets
  • Expenses - provides access to create new expenses, view draft and previously submitted expenses
  • Pay - provides access to all previously generated self bill invoices
  • Compliance - This is used to share contract document but Grovelands don't use this functionality
  • Profiles -  which gives details of your clients and placements

You can also access your 'Personal Details' and 'Change Password' sections by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. 


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