Some clients allow you to submit a claim for work related expenses. If you think you should be able to claim expenses but do not have the option in InTime please contact your Client Relationship Manager to confirm. They will arrange that the feature is turned on for you.

Creating Expenses

To create an expense click Expenses > Claim, in the drop down select the placement you wish to claim against, then click OK to Proceed.

Each line on the presented form is for a separate expense. In the Category drop down select "Reimbursement of Business Expenses" and add the receipt date. Add a description and input the gross amount. 

A copy of the receipt needs to be added for each expense, this can be uploaded by clicking the "Upload" button in the receipt column. You will not be able to submit your expense until a receipt is uploaded, the formats accepted are JPEG, PDF and PNG.


Approved expenses will be paid in line with your invoicing schedule. 


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